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Our Services

  • Cloud (AWS, Azure, AI Cloud) Migration
  • Managed Cloud Services
  • ChatGPT/LLM Integration
  • DevOps as Service

What We


AI Enablement though LLM Integration

Enhance your product or business with AI by integrating APIs from ChatGPT, LLama2, AWS Bedrock, Anthropics, and more.


Azure Services

Leverage our Azure Cloud Services to transform your business with the power of the cloud. From migration and management to optimization and security


Apache Kafka & NiFi

Tap into the capabilities of real-time data streaming with our specialized Kafka services. Our team offers end-to-end support in deploying, fine-tuning, and managing your Kafka infrastructure


DevOps As Service

Our DevOps as a Service integrates tools like GitHub, Jenkins, and Azure DevOps (ADO), streamlining your CI/CD pipelines for faster, more reliable software delivery. 


AWS Services

Enhance your cloud capabilities with our dedicated AWS services. From initial setup and migration to optimization and ongoing management, we offer a comprehensive suite of services  


GPU Cloud Services

Unlock the full potential of GPU and AI cloud services with our tailored solutions. We provide expert guidance in setting up, optimizing, and managing powerful GPU-based cloud environments for AI and machine learning workloads.

Moving our infrastructure to the cloud seemed daunting, but the team made it seamless and straightforward. Their expertise and guidance through each step of the migration process were invaluable. We experienced zero downtime and immediately noticed improved performance and cost savings. A true game-changer for our business!

Ravi Shekharan

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