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Course Outline - Web Development, Deployment and Observability with React, Node.js, Python, and Azure

Module 1: Introduction to Web Deployment

  • Overview of web development and deployment

  • Introduction to tools: React, Node.js, Python, and Azure

  • Setting up a development environment

Module 2: Deploying Web Development Code

  • Understanding deployment processes

  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

  • Deploying a React and Node.js application

  • Python application deployment basics

Module 3: Website Performance Monitoring

  • Tools and techniques for monitoring website performance

  • Using browser dev tools and performance profiling

  • Integrating performance monitoring tools in React and Node.js

Module 4: Website Monitoring and Debugging Techniques

  • Setting up monitoring tools for website uptime and functionality

  • Debugging common issues in React and Node.js applications

  • Logging and error tracking in Python

Module 5: Alerts and Notifications

  • Configuring alerts for website performance and security

  • Handling real-time notifications

  • Custom alert systems with Python

Module 6: DevSecOps for Web Applications

  • Introduction to web security and vulnerabilities

  • Tools for source code scanning

  • Handling security vulnerabilities in React, Node.js, and Python

Module 7: Website Migration and DNS Management in Azure

  • Migrating websites to Azure

  • Understanding DNS mapping and server management

  • Practical exercise: Migrating a sample application to Azure

Module 8: Advanced Debugging Techniques for Web Applications

  • Deep dive into advanced debugging techniques

  • Debugging complex issues in React and Node.js

  • Python debugging strategies

Module 9: Capstone Project

  • Applying learned skills to a real-world project

  • Deploying a full-stack application on Azure

  • Monitoring, debugging, and optimizing the application

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