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AWS Solution Architect Exam

AWS Devops Training

Bigdata Hahoop Admin Course

AWS has introduced new services in 2019 such as Aurora Serverless. To pass the exam on the first time, we would need to have a solid understanding of majority of the services and go through the exam dumps questions. Passing your AWS Solution Architect Associate exam requires two things: a lot of revision and hard work. I was delighted when I passed the exam thanks to Cloud Guru for their amazing training materials.

The driving factor behind this course is that most courses out there only focuses on shallow teaching without teaching the fundamentals. Please note, the tools will come and go but the fundamentals will remain the same. If you only focus on tool, you will be looking for another training next year once that tool has been phased out.

The course Hadoop Administration from Inflametech provides with all the skills in order to successful work as a Hadoop Administrator and also provides expertise in all the steps necessary to manage a Hadoop cluster. This course on Hadoop Administration will make you expert in working with Hadoop clusters and deploy that knowledge on real world projects.

Kubernetes Course

Python For Data Science Training and Tutorial

Advanced Data Science & Machine Learning in Python

Tired of minicub based Kubernetes training, which only talks about hello world examples? Get a real sense of Kubernetes with working real world applications and scale them on cloud.

Overview of Kubernetes

  • Managed Kubernetes platforms

  • Infrastructure providers

  • Kubernetes components

  • Install kubectl on the workstation

  • Get access to a Kubernetes cluster

  • Tired of the Cookiecutter AI/Machine learning course? We feel your pain where Instructor is worse than Wikipedia?

  • Don’t get fooled by all cookie cutter courses where they only talk about ready to use Libraries and tools, our program is a ground-up approach where we teach the Math behind each algorithm and then teach how to code it in Python.

  • No programming experience needed as we will teach you Python as well.

Machine learning tutorial & training with data science

Introductory Statistics and Econometrics

  • Probability Distributions

  • Bell curves

  • Null hypothesis H0

  • P Value

  • Type I & Type II errors

  • Degree of freedom

Spark for Big Data with PySpark in Cloud

Learning Python:

Business Intelligence Analyst Course

Learn the latest Big Data Technology – Spark! And learn to use it with one of the most popular programming languages, Python and the fun part is we specialize in delivering the training on Cloud Platform so you don’t have to spend hours setting up your local PC!

Its no doubt that 2020 hottest skill is BigData. When we talk about BigData Apache Spark takes the top spot.

Before we explore how to learn Python for data science, we should briefly answer why you should learn Python in the first place.

In short, understanding Python is one of the valuable skills needed for a data science career.

Though it hasn’t always been, Python is the programming language of choice for data science. Here’s a brief history:

  1. For beginners who are getting into data science and programming
  2. Students who are trying to get opportunities in jobs
  3. Candidates who want to enhance their resume by mastering the skills in SQL, Tableau, and Statistics.
  4. People who want to endeavour in Business Intelligence Analyst Career

BigData Test Automation Training

Certified Scrum Master Training

Training in PMP Certification

BigData & DataLake has changed the way Data is managed and hence dramatically changed the Test Automation methodologies. Legacy testing methods are no longer efficient in complex multiple application environment such as Hadoop and that has created a massive skill gap in Test Automation field.

Our course is designed to fill that gap.

Having a scrum master training is one of the most important things to learn if you want to learn agile development. Knowing this enables a person to self organize their teams and make amendments without changing the entire workflow. If you are someone who wants to make your career in project management then Scrum Master Certification is a step towards it. CSM designation is offered to professionals who have completed their course in CSM course by passing the final CSM Test.

Having a Project Management Professional in place is one of the most recognized certifications for project managers. This certification allows the project managers to work on a project while they are geographically present somewhere else.

The training course in this is designed by some experts which is then further reviewed by the whole team of project management before it gets released. This ensures the current state of the profession.

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

What is CBAP Certification?

Six Sigma’s approach is disciplined and data-driven in nature. This helps in mitigating variation in any process – right from manufacturing to accounting and finance – and thus eliminates any defects which might exist otherwise. The aim is to be as close to perfection as possible (3.4 defects/million opportunities). Processes are improved and variations are reduced by applying Six Sigma Improvement Projects, which are done by following either of the two methods.

CBAP® Certification (Certified Business Analysis Professional™) is a three level professional certification for individuals who has extensive knowledge in business analysis experience. Professionals who are CBAP certified are known to be the professionals on whom the most significant projects rely on. There are certain eligibility criteria which people need to meet in order to pass this exam in order to earn the CBAP certification.