Toronto the new Silicon Valley: Employing over 90,000 tech professionals

The land of free, the land of opportunities, the land of immigrants!

Canada has been home for no. of immigrants who came with dreams in their eyes and hopes in their heart. This country has never let down its people and is always welcoming foreign settlers with open arms. In contrast to its neighboring country’s strict immigration rules, Canada has always been open for talented immigrants.

The main reason behind these easy immigration policies in Canada is its need for population growth. Canada needs more no. of tax payers to sustain and grow. Thus, needs more no. of talented people who can support the growth. The below graph by Statistics Canada shows how international migration accounts for most of the population growth:

If you compare the population growth among the G7 countries, Canada is for sure winning the race. USA is in the second place and UK in the third. The below graph by Statistics Canada shows how Canada posts the strongest population growth of the G7 countries:

As a result of this population growth, top companies of the world found opportunities to invest in the country and hence, created millions of jobs for talented professionals. Today, Expert talent, high-speed communications and industry-leading research and development have made Toronto a global hub for IT and new media development. Toronto’s tech industry is on the rise and it’s the unofficial ‘Silicon Valley in the north’! It won’t be too late that we might earn this name officially just like the ‘Hollywood North’. According to the reports by City of Toronto, in Toronto alone, tech industries are employing over 90,000 people! Of course, the numbers will overshoot if you count the no. of tech jobs in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Today, a revolution of data and cloud is going on in the tech industry. At beCloudReady, our mission is to make the learning and implementing the process of data and cloud technologies simple and practical to implement.

Only selected companies in Silicon Valley has truly leveraged the power of cloud computing, AI, Machine learning, etc. Majority of businesses are still struggling to get their data into order and establish an agile infrastructure. beCloudReady is on a mission to take businesses to the next level through the power of data and cloud technologies.

Our business is branched into two services:

1. Cloud and Data Products

2. Training Programs

Speaking about ‘Cloud and Data Products’, at the moment we are offering 3 products to both small and medium sized businesses:

Time Series Sales Forecasting Engine

Specifically designed for retail customers inventory management and sale forecasting. After all, the key to the success of your business is to be able to forecast your sales.

Ad Campaign Analyzer

Built for marketers or business owners who are non-programmers. This tool will help them to gauge how their Ad campaigns are behaving in terms of market sentiments, durability, burn effects, etc.


Specially built for business owners to take their data onto the cloud with least amount of efforts. Whether you have a structured or unstructured data, this product is data agnostic. You’ll easily be able to push your data to the cloud: Google, Amazon, Azure, etc. This means our product is also cloud agnostic. You can push your data to any cloud.

Speaking about our training programs, we help newbies and professionals to level up their skills in Cloud and Data industry with online training programs. We also help corporates with training their workforce on disruptive technologies to better compete.

Check out our training page:

The best part of taking a training course with us is that you can also enroll yourself in our career mentorship program. At beCloudReady, we aim to cater you with complete career services. We’ll help you build confidence and define your value proposition.

Our Career Mentorship Program is designed for you to get personalized, expert advice that is tailored to your specific situation. If you’re ready to work hard, we’ll work harder with you!

We’ll train you with all the skills you need and help you with career guidance, resume building, and interview preparation.

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Our mentorship package includes 1-hour one-on-one career guidance, resume help, interview prep help and unlimited forum support.

Like we discussed earlier, Toronto is becoming the next Silicon Valley with thousands of job in and around the city. Our training and mentorship program is specially designed to help people to get their foot in Canada’s tech job market. We’ll help the new comers in the country and the freshers in the cloud and data industry to hone their skills and set their tech journey right. Connect with us for more details.