Python for DevOps Bootcamp ( 2 day workshop )


Each module will have task and assignment ( home work) so that you could apply what you learned. All solved assignments are posted next week. We also provide Interview preparation at end of the session.

All students are eligible for life long support via our forums Q/A.

Day 1:

Intro and set up

  • Setting up python at your machines

  • Introducing python IDE

Basics about python

  • What is Python

  • Basics about python and its advantages over other platforms

  • How python handles data

Basics of Python Objects

  • Numbers

  • Booleans

  • String Objects

  • List Objects Tuples, Sets and Dictionaries.

Conditionals & Loops.

  • if else statements

  • for loop

  • while loop

  • Iteration over various objects

Day 2

Python Functions

  • Python Functions

  • Passing values to Function

  • Returning values from Function

  • Using Functions in different scenarios

  • Using third party functions


  • Understanding modules

  • Using various modules such as requests, csv, pandas, numpy

File Handling

  • Reading and writing the files

  • Parsing CSV files and working on data

Handling Data in Python using Modules with Exercise

  • Using Requests library to parse the output of web page.

  • Using CSV to parse CSV file and manipulate the data

  • Using Pandas and Numpy to load a file and manipulate data.