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Forecasting Solution - SKUCaster Forecasting Engine

SKU Forecasting engine produces sharper sales forecasts and major inventory savings.


If you are looking for an accurate forecasting solution without going through a painful digital transformation or even talking to your IT Department then beCloudReady’s forecasting engine is the perfect solution for you because it works with your existing IT infrastructure and existing data management systems. Which gives your immediate ROI.


Why choose us?


  • Our solution has been designed specifically for business users so that they do not need to interact with their IT or do not need to hire very costly data analytics or data science professionals.


  • Browser Centric design: from day one, we designed it to be completely browser-based so that you don’t have to go through a painful installation computer setup. Also, it makes it perfect to be used by mobile devices.


  • Auto ML: We understand that building a complex machine learning model requires a complex process of classification, feature selection and model tuning which is often the most time-consuming and manual activity and this is the reason why building a custom model on your own is very expensive. We solved this problem by completely automating the whole process which allows us to deliver accurate forecasts quickly.


  • IT agnostic: We have designed  IT agnostic that means, we can deploy the solution in hours if not minutes either in your internal on-premises IT infrastructure or any of the public cloud providers ( AWS, GCP, Azare, Oracle ).


  • External data sources: We understand that the auto market is extremely weather dependent and having external data such as weather conditions can play a major role and we have incorporated the weather data right into our model, we can incorporate more external data as per request.


  • Flexible licensing: We understand and value the power of sharing and learning that’s why our license includes full staff training for the product and the license is always unlimited usage across the organization.


  • Customer-focused implementation: We are in the business of delivering fast and quick solutions to the customer and we do not survive on protracting or delaying the implementation. We value our customers and always deliver the solution before time and within the predefined budget.


  • Customer focus support: We have 24 * 7 support by real human for all our valued customers.


  • Detailed Score Performance Dashboards using Tableau/PowerBI


Automatic Model Building and Validation


Traditional Forecasting engines rely on manually testing and validating each model to achieve the best performance, our Autobuild approach takes away the whole pain of manual feature selection.

Our approach

  1. Customer-focused and fixed price model.
  2. Easy customization for each use case.
  3. Seamless integration with external data ( Eg Weather data ) to improve the seasonality.
  4.  Fully integrated with major ERP systems and Public Cloud provides ( AWS, GCP, Azure, Oracle Cloud )