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PK9 Elastic Hadoop Director

BCR’s Pakan Elastic Hadoop deployer brings a unified easy to use interface to manager all your Hadoop deployment infrastructure under one roof. Our single page easy to use web interface allows you to choose your requirement cloud provider, it works with internal providers such as Vmware based private cloud and Public cloud such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. The Hadoop deployment is done via Ambari Blueprints which makes it very flexible and powerful programming interface.

pk9 Elastic Cloud Manager, takes over once the deployment is over, and based on usage of the system, collected data from Ambari Metrics, it scale the cloud within the selected Elastic range so that you never get over charged. The elastic range could be configured either in terms of resource or in terms of dollar amount.

Being an Apache license makes it easy for our customers to own and modify it as they want, in case they don’t want to sign up for our yearly licensing fee.



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