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Training in PMP Certification


Having a Project Management Professional in place is one of the most recognized certifications for project managers. This certification allows the project managers to work on a project while they are geographically present somewhere else.

The training course in this is designed by some experts which is then further reviewed by the whole team of project management before it gets released. This ensures the current state of the profession. Organizations now-a-days focus on developing skills that promote negotiation, leadership and conflict resolution along with other technical IT skills.

We as a company provide these latest trainings that these industries require in order to flourish further which is only possible if a person has the right skills with the right certification.


Courses of Project Management Professional

Objectives: The main objective of this workshop is to enable the participants in getting a proper understanding of managing different projects by using the latest processes and methodologies in place. These workshops cover concepts that are basic as well as advanced which are needed for managing project while focusing on tasks and different challenges faced by a project manager. The workshop will have the latest PMBOK guide in place which helps an organization to prepare for the latest PMP certification required for the curriculum. This course acquaints an organization with real world challenges which are faced by the project managers these days and how to tackle them by keeping the best practices in place.


What does this Certification Offer?


The concept of project management has evolved over the years. The online training offered by us has been divided into different modules which covers a wide range of topics. The course helps a team to realize the difference between operations management and project management and how they are different from each other. This training enables the professionals working in an organization to manage projects in a more effective and efficient way. This is done through the Project Management Life cycle.



Skills needed for PMP Training?

The PMP exam preparation training leaves a person to understand some of the basic characteristics of a project and how the concept of project management works. It also trains people about the Strategic Management.


Who need training in PMP and what does it require?

This training is best suited for professionals who are working in an organization as Team leaders and managing huge projects. This is also taken by students/professionals who want to endeavour in the field of Project Management and can also benefit a great deal from training under PMP.


What does this course Guarantee?

This will guarantee a minimum of 4500 hours of work as a project manager (managing a project) while working in about 5 group processes. This is for candidates who hold a degree while opting for this course.



Candidates with Diploma require around 7500 hours of managing a project in about 8 years time and covering 5 groups. This is if a candidate holds a high level degree at the time of application for this course.