IT Industry: 5 In-demand Career Paths for Women

We keep on talking about the need of a diverse and inclusive work-space; but what about the work industry? Today, we see a good progress at work places when it comes to diversity and equality. However, there’s a very few industries where you can see gender diversity and IT is one of them. Every year, Forbes publish article on ‘Top 50 women in Tech’ country wise. It’s encouraging to know that how well women are doing in the industry dominated by men. IT industry has and will see many women in the leadership role. This implies that it’s one of the best career industry for women who are interested in tech.

When, Canada’s Association of IT professionals, surveyed about what attracted women to the IT industry, there were multiple interesting answers as to what drove them towards this industry. For some it was love for Maths & Science, for some it was the Salary factor and for some it was the never ending opportunities in this industry.

Apart from the high paying salary and plenty of opportunities, women find IT industry the best choice because most of the jobs provide flexibility to work form anywhere and anytime! If you’re a mother and trying to find work-from-home opportunities,


So, there are many career paths you can take in the IT industry, we’ve listed the 5 in-demand IT careers here:

1. Database Administrator

Role: To ensure that business’s data is secures, correct, clean and accessible. Data is the heart of any business. Database admins play an important role and are rewarded nicely for their job.

Learning Path: A typical Database Administrator has balanced skills in tech, business and communication. It requires bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Computer Information System or even an MBA. To step up their career, professionals often gets certified in database management systems (DBMS) like Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2 and MySQL.

Salary: According to, average salary of a Database Administrator is $80,604/year.

2. Data Scientist

Role: Data scientists essentially excavate data and make sense of it in way that is helpful to the business. They manage data from a range of sources, including customer transactions, click streams, sensors, social media, log files and GPS plots. Their mission is to unlock valuable and predictive insights that will influence business decisions and spur a competitive advantage.

Learning Path: Data scientists possess that rare combination of analytical skills, technical prowess and business acumen needed to effectively analyze massive data sets. They are highly educated, most of them have Masters or PhD degree. The technical skills they master these technical skills: R Programming, Python, Hadoop, SQL Database/Coding, Apache Spark, Machine learning, AI, and Data Visualization.

Salary: According to, average salary of a Data Scientist is $102,500/year.

3. Business Analyst

Role: Business Analysts have strong technology, analytical and communication skills. They conduct market analyses, analysing both product lines and the overall profitability of the business. In addition, they develop and monitor data quality metrics and ensure business data and reporting needs are met.

Learning Path: Career opportunities of Business Analysts is growing at the speed of rocket because of its demand in the industry. Professionals in this industry are from Science or Maths background. If you’re planning on to take this path, you should master critical business analyst skills like Agile fundamentals: Scrum, Kanban, etc., project management, strategy analysis, visual modeling, Microsoft/Oracle SQL, and also Business Analyst software like Excel.

Salary: According to, average salary of a Business Analyst is $78,658/year.

4. DevOps

Role: The DevOps team in any organization helps in reducing organization silos, implement gradual and small changes, implement tooling and automation, accept failures an address them so that same failure doesn’t happen again.

Learning Path: Normal IT skills and education are all that is required to start out in the field. Where you go with your path to DevOps is up to you. Essential skills you need to mast for a career in DevOps: Linux Fundamentals And Scripting, Knowledge On Various DevOps Tools And Technologies, Continuous Integration And Continuous Delivery, Infrastructure as Code (IAC), DevOps Key Concepts, and also Soft Skills! Soft skills is essential in establishing DevOps for quickest SDLC. Read more here:

If you’re looking forward to take this career path, this roadmap will guide you the best:

Salary: According to, average salary of a DevOps is $1,30,000/year.

5. Test Automation

Role: With new-age project development methodologies like Agile and DevOps slowly replacing the old-age waterfall model, the demand for testing is increasing in the industry. Testers work together with the developers to replace manual testing and implement automation testing.

Learning Path: Today more and more components of the SDLC are being automated and there is a focus on automating the entire lifecycle. Therefore, there’s a lot of job opportunities for professionals in this field. A typical career path for Test Automation professional goes from manual tester, automation tester to test analyst to test lead/manager. Skills you need to master are programming languages like c/c++, Java, Python, SQL, HTML, CSS, etc., then Agile, DevOps and continuos delivery, test design and also soft skills!

Salary: According to, average salary of a Test Automation Engineer is $87,750/year.

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