Kubernetes Course

kubernetes training

Tired of minicub based Kubernetes training, which only talks about hello world examples? Get a real sense of Kubernetes with working real world applications and scale them on cloud.

Overview of Kubernetes

  • Managed Kubernetes platforms

  • Infrastructure providers

  • Kubernetes components

  • Install kubectl on the workstation

  • Get access to a Kubernetes cluster


  • Create a Docker image

  • Start a Docker container

  • Mount a volume inside a container

  • Change a network to a host


  • Multi-container pod design

  • Pod life cycle

  • Launch a pod using a container image

  • Launch a pod using a configuration file


  • Deployment use cases

  • Updating deployments

  • Rolling back a deployment

  • Create a deployment

  • Observe how Kubernetes restarts containers


  • Service without selectors

  • Types Proxy modes

  • Service discovery

Secrets and ConfigMaps

  • Store configuration

  • Store sensitive information

Volumes and data

  • Persistent volume

  • Persistent volume claim

  • Volume life cycle

  • Volume types

  • Access modes

  • Storage class

Managing state with deployments

  • StatefulSet use cases

  • StatefulSet limitations


  • Ingress controllers

  • Singe services ingress

  • Simple fanout ingress

  • Name-based virtual hosting ingress

  • TLS termination

  • Deploy a sample app using ingress

Program Fee Structure:

  • Monthly $500 + HST fee

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