AWS DevOps training : Ansible, Github, Docker

It is no secret that DevOps is one of the hottest skills in the IT Job market. Average salaries are $120K to $150K and more.

The driving factor behind this course is that most courses out there only focuses on shallow teaching without teaching the fundamentals. Please note, the tools will come and go but the fundamentals will remain the same. If you only focus on tool, you will be looking for another training next year once that tool has been phased out.

This course focuses on core fundamentals such as DevOps fundamental, Linux and Virtualization, Scripting and last blow with mastering Ansible and Terraform to set the score right.

Who is the target audience?

  • No programming experience is required.

  • Basic computer skills: surfing websites, running programs, saving and opening documents, etc.

  • IT professionals across a broad range of disciplines who need to perform essential administration tasks and automation.

  • Graduate Students and also for those who are looking for a job in Automation using Ansible (RedHat Linux) & wants to get hands-on practical experience on Automation & build up a base on Ansible.

What do you get

  • Installing and setup is covered in the course.

  • AWS and Github onboarding.

  • Lots of in class assignment and practice exercises to ensure by end of training you will be able to code.

  • Lot of code examples and Open source Project work.

  • Help non developers to think like DevOps engineer.

  • Life long post training support from our forum page:

  • Completion certificate if the Assignment project is completed.

DevOps Fundamentals

  • Understand DevOps

  • Understand Continuous Delivery

  • Automate the Software Development Lifecycle (Agile)

  • Automate the deployment process

  • Automate using Ansible

AWS Overview

  • Virtualization and Hypervisors.

  • Cloud Computing: PaaS, SaaS

  • Private Cloud, Public Cloud

  • AWS Onboarding

Git and Github Training

  • Basic Concept of Source Code Control

  • Introduction to Git repository

  • Working with Github

Ansible Deep Dive

  • Introducing Ansible-Overview of Ansible Architecture

  • Ansible Installation

  • Ansible Configurations

  • Ansible Ad-hoc Commands

  • Working with Inventory

  • Understanding Privilege escalation

  • Working with Ansible Playbooks

  • Writing YAML Files

  • Working with Ansible Variables

  • Jinja2 template Engine

  • Conditions & Loops

  • Writing re-usable Playbooks : Introduction to Roles

  • Developing real world projects using Ansible roles

  • AWS Ansible Module

Containers ( Docker )

  • Containers 101

  • Container Vs VMs

  • Docker Intro

  • Working with Docker & Ansible on AWS

Practical Use cases during the class

  • Infrastructure Building on AWS Using Ansible

  • Infrastructure Building on AWS Using Docker and Ansible

  • Assignments are aligned and updated as per industry trends.

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