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DevOps and Cloud Migration

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DevOps and Cloud Migration

Reason for Cloud migration

We have been told for a long time that cloud migration is all about saving capital expenditure and overall operation costs, but my experience says otherwise. Cloud migration is often a very costly affair and the monthly Cloud bill is not less either. The benefits that you would get from Cloud is

    1. Top class Infrastructure service, which almost impossible for most enterprises to get such service at a given price point.
    2. No more IT bureaucracy: I think business had enough dealing with their IT department to get things done. They want their technology solutions to be delivered fast and smoothly.
    3. Never-ending digital transformation: You know what I am talking about, You are embarking on this journey you need to extra careful about your priorities. Often just scrapping the stone age application is more viable then reinventing the wheel in name of digital transformation.

Migrating data on the cloud has now become very easy. beCloudReady provides you with a service where your business can get migrated to the cloud without any hassle. DevOps makes it easy for a user to access the service of a cloud by spinning up different instances instantaneously.


Migrating your data sets the beginning of a business taking advantage of the cloud. Every business case can get migrated to the cloud if there is a proper cloud roadmap in place. beCloudReady provides you with the expertise while, before and during the data migration takes place.

Process of Cloud Migration with Becloudready :

Our company works with you in every stage of migration process in order to ensure quality results which is completely bug free. We make sure that the migration results match with your business needs and provide a user with minimal downtime. Following are the generic steps of how it is done:


  1. Assessment of the business: Our team starts by writing a Plan of Action to get the cloud migration in place. This is done by keeping in view the present infrastructure of the company and the new objectives of the business.
  2. Planning: After looking into the various dependencies, we come up with the best suited migration strategies that can help a person to meet their business needs.
  3. Migration: The process of migration begins by validating every application present in the infrastructure which can help a business in accelerating their cloud migration needs.
  4. Deployment: There is an automatic testing strategy that is put in place which can check weather the migration happened as according to the plan of a user.