Python for Data Analytics

Python For Data Analytics Training and Tutorial

PC Setup, and Theory are delivered through pre-recorded sessions. All practical sessions are Live instructor. All recording will be shared with lifelong Q/A support.


  • Tired of the Cookiecutter AI/Machine learning course? We feel your pain where Instructor is worse than Wikipedia?

  • Don’t get fooled by all cookie cutter courses where they only talk about ready to use Libraries and tools, our program is a ground-up approach where we teach the Math behind each algorithm and then teach how to code it in Python.

  • No programming experience needed as we will teach you Python as well.

  • Each module will have a task and assignment ( homework) so that you could apply what you learned. All solved assignments are posted next week. We also provide Interview preparation at the end of the session

Our Speciality:

  • Our program is a ground-up approach where we teach the basics and then teach how to code.

  • We have unique way to delivering the training with mix of pre-recorded sessions, Instructor led live sessions and life long Q/A support, which nobody else can offer.

  • We also provide career guidelines and Interview preparation at the end of the session and will share how to prosper in the data analytics roles.

Who is the target audience?

  • No programming experience is required.

  • Downloading and installing IDE and tools are included in the course

  • High-school Math ( statistics ) is needed and willingness to learn

  • MUST have Basic Computer skills needed ( File opening, Command prompt, Web browsing )

What will you get?

Intro and set up ( Pre recorded )

  • Setting up Python at your machines

  • Introducing Python IDE

Basics about python ( Pre recorded )

  • What is Python

  • Basics about Python and its advantages over other platforms

How python handles data

  • Lists, arrays and dataframes

  • Python for Data Analysis and Scientific Computing ( Live )

  • Intro to libraries like scipy, numpy, pandas, Matplotlib etc

  • Data Handling and mining in python with example ( Live )

  • Importing external files and data sets

  • Writing external files

  • Descriptive analysis using Python

  • Exploring data type of variables and changing the data types

  • Exploring frequency distribution of variables

  • Handling Dates

  • Dropping and keeping columns

  • Summarising basic data — Mean, Median , percentiles etc

  • Creating new variables in a dataframe

  • Filtering data

Data Visualization ( Pre Recorded )

  • Histograms

  • Bar Charts

  • Scatter Plots

Advanced Data Mining using Python ( Live )

  • Functions

  • Using SQL in python

  • group by using SQL in python

  • Aggregation using python functions

  • For loops and while loops

  • Appending multiple data Frames

  • Concatenating data

  • Merging multiple data frames

  • Creating flag variables

  • Missing value imputations


  • 100% refund only, if you can’t attend it due to medical emergencies with proof.

  • If the training has not been conducted for any reason, full refund.

  • if you just change your mind then you will be assigned to next batch.

  • If you missed the training there will be no refund. Recorded sessions will be shared and you may be allowed to join future training sessions.

  • Contact us at for any questions. Group discounts are available. Corporate training is also available.

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