Journey to become a Data Scientist Course

becloudready bootcamp

This is our January 2020 cohort for the DataScience trainee.

Data scientists are not born, rather they are made through years of long education and experience. However, in today’s fast-paced world you need to be ready for the market before someone else takes up your spot.

Data Scientist is not a job, rather its state of mind which you can only achieve through a journey with another Data Scientist. Join our flagship training program to begin the beautiful journey

Course content delivery through a combination of Videos, Instructor-led and Assignment based training to achieve maximum ROI for training.

Program Goals

  • Math and Statistics Basics
  • Good Grip in Excel
  • SQL for Datascience
  • Getting concepts around Machine Learning
  • Learning Python
  • Learning associated libraries
  • Doing live project/Internship
  • Job Assistance

Program Overview

  • 3 months of rigorous training
  • Combination of Classroom, Online & Assignment
  • 2 online classes on weekends, 1 Physical classroom session (4-5 hours weekly ) in DT Toronto.
  • Internship on Live Project
  • Job assistance post Internship
  • $250 Monthly fee

Course Outline

  • Data Analytics
  • Data Wrangling using Excel for Data Science
  • SQL for Data Science
  • Math & Stats Concepts
  • Python for Analytics
  • Numpy, Pandas, ML in Python
  • Running ML on Cloud
  • Project training ( 1 month )

Program Delivery Mode:

  • Weekly Classroom session
  • Weekend Online session

Program Fee Structure:

  • Monthly $250 + HST fee
  • Total course fee $750 over period of 3 months.

For More Info, please join our Info session: