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Journey to become a Data Scientist Course

This is our January 2020 cohort for the DataScience trainee. Data scientists are not born, rather they are made through years of long education and experience. However, in today’s fast-paced world you need to be ready for the market before someone else takes up your spot. Data Scientist is not a job, rather its state […]

Python for Data Analytics

Python For Data Analytics Training and Tutorial PC Setup, and Theory are delivered through pre-recorded sessions. All practical sessions are Live instructor. All recording will be shared with lifelong Q/A support.

Advanced Data Science & Machine Learning in Python

Machine learning tutorial & training with data science Introductory Statistics and Econometrics Probability Distributions Bell curves Null hypothesis H0 P Value Type I & Type II errors Degree of freedom

Spark for Big Data with PySpark in Cloud

Apache Spark Big Data Training & Courses Learn the latest Big Data Technology – Spark! And learn to use it with one of the most popular programming languages, Python and the fun part is we specialize in delivering the training on Cloud Platform so you don’t have to spend hours setting up your local PC!