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What is CBAP Certification?

CBAP® Certification (Certified Business Analysis Professional™) is a three level professional certification for individuals who has extensive knowledge in business analysis experience. Professionals who are CBAP certified are known to be the professionals on whom the most significant projects rely on. There are certain eligibility criteria which people need to meet in order to pass this exam in order to earn the CBAP certification.


Following are the eligibility criteria:

  1. Should have an experience of 35 hour Professional Development Training
  2. 7,500 hours of BA experience aligned with BABOK guide over the past 10 years
  3. Experience of 900 hours in 4 knowledge areas out of 6.
  4. Visit IIBA Website to visit more


Following are the steps that people need to follow in order to get started with their CBAP Certification:


Step 1: Take a course in CBAP Certification Training

Join an Exam Prep Class. This class will prepare a person for the CBAP exam which will make the most out of the limited study time that they have. There are certain books that provides everything that people need to pass the exam.


CBAP Training Provides:

  1. 11 year experience in CBAP training
  2. About 97% of students get their certification in the first try
  3. Provide time estimate to pass the exam along with the study tips from those who have already passed this exam
  4. 90 day subscription to our online study exam stimulator which has over 1200 questions
  5. Having 35 development hours which is enough for a person to apply for this exam
  6. 520 pager guide for the Certification Study Exam


Step 2: Apply for the CBAP Certification Exam

Apply for this exam using the following resources:

  1. BABOK v2 & v3
  2. CBAP Roadmap
  3. CBAP Application from IIBA
  4. CBAP Handbook from IIBA
  5. IIBA Certification Page


Step 3: Go through your CBAP Course Materials

There is a comprehensive guide that highlights all the important points mentioned in CBAP and CCBA. This helps an applicant in gaining all the knowledge areas required for BABOK Guide. This guide has hundreds of questions along with answers that can help these professionals.


Step 4: Get done with your Preparations

  1. Be a part of some of the realistic exams in order to improve the confidence
  2. Get a detailed feedback on every question that you solve with them
  3. Unlimited Mock Tests which can be scheduled according to your calendar.


Step 5: Sit for the Exam and Earn your CBAP Certification